Every time I am happy at the supermarket, I will buy good items at checkout.
Always take pictures with annoyance,"I forgot to bring my shopping bag again."
Supermarket plastic bags are only a few centsBut after accumulating a lot, it’s a big number.

According to related investigations, More than 1000 plastic bags used by households per household per year,the price for the shopping bags in supermarket according to 0.01 usd/ pc,a family will spent on plastic bags at least 80usd in one year. No wonder we complain every day.Where did the money go?

Every time i back to home after buy something,.Looked at the accumulation of the shopping bags,
There is another plastic bag that has nowhere to be added.Can not help but say:"These empty plastic bags all be bought with my money."

Using plastic bags often is not just about spending a lot of money.
It has irreparable harm to ourselves and even nature. The main raw materials for daily use of plastic bags are polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. When people come into contact with vinyl chloride, they will have symptoms such as wrist, finger swelling and skin hardening.
There may also be splenomegaly, liver damage and other symptoms.

If it is buried for about 200 years, it will rot and the soil environment will deteriorate.
Seriously affect the growth of crops, if the livestock eat plastic film will cause livestock digestive diseases, and even death.

In order to save money, for our health and the nature on which we depend,It’s time to change yourself to a tall shopping bag.A great value and beautiful and practical -

Square shopping bag storage box

When you don't use it, it's just a small square in your pocket. Just use it when you use it.
Instantly unfolded, it can be used for your use, can be taken, can be back, can be smashed, just use the black knob shopping bag after twisting the middle, it will be recycled in the box.
Withdrawal and storage, it is effortless

The storage box is made of high-density and environmentally-friendly ABS material, which is resistant to collision and pressure.
There are no problems with the use of the last few years. The aluminum alloy hook design is more convenient to carry, more samples are placed in the bag, on the bag, and even on the belt. How to take it, the square storage box can be put into the shopping after the shopping bag is taken out. The mesh bag on the side of the bag is convenient and beautiful. The mesh bag can also hold other small items or drinks.

The shopping bag is made of high-density nylon, which is durable and durable. It has a storage space of 5 liters, and many of the items that are bought are all in the bag.
Even if it is used as a pendant, it is beautiful, go out, shop, travel with it.
It does not take up space and is prepared.
When we go out for a short trip, we often just carry a backpack, but when you come back, a backpack is satisfied. At this time, it will come in handy. Nothing is a shopping bag. If there is, then Two