Today, my colleagues in the office caused a heated debate because of "whether or not to put a diaper on the bird."

Kate, who was just promoted to her mother, suddenly screamed in the office: "Is there a friend who recommended me a diaper for a bird?"

pet bird cloth
After all, people who don’t keep birds will never know how much pain they have to shovel dozens of birds every day. ”

“It’s like letting the boys pad the sanitary napkins. Have you considered the bird’s feelings?”

Even a pet bird can't be kept in a cage for a long time, otherwise, it will be depressed and hunger strike.

But if it is free-range, the frequency of excretion is pulled every 20-30 minutes, the time of the last class, home, maybe your house will be captured by the bird.

For bird owners, bird diapers are simply God-like inventions. However, for the bird, how can you get rid of psoriasis?

Pet Parrot Clothes Diaper

So, what does it feel like after the bird puts on the diaper?

From the comment area, the taste of the birds is not refreshing.

"When I am dressed with joy, I want to get rid of me like a child, and even lick my hand. When I get dressed, it suddenly falls straight down, my eyes are closed, my feet are shrinking. Trembling, every second, my eyes opened and I sneaked at me. Hahahaha, it actually killed me."

There are other birds, in order to escape the diaper, every time the cage is opened, they fly to the curtains and blink with the owner.

Pet Parrot Diaper

"When you put it on, you lick yourself. As soon as you untie it, you fly desperately toward the curtains. A look of horror is staring at me. It has been there for a long time..."

"My bird, since putting on his diaper, stood there reluctantly, motionless for more than an hour."

Receive feedback from buyers:

"My bird doesn't love to wear, what should I do?"

The bubble gives everyone who comes to the store to buy diapers, explaining the adaptation process of the bird to the diaper. The reason why the bird rejects the diaper is that this thing does not belong to it, it is a foreign object. For a creature that hasn't worn clothes since birth, it's quite bound to wrap a piece of cloth on your body.

Pet Parrot Clothes

"However, the bird's habits can also be cultivated. The younger the bird, the higher the acceptance of the diaper."

If it is a bird that has just been born, it may be adapted after a maximum of 2 passes. When you meet older birds, they will be angry, violent, and roll on the ground to show dissatisfaction.

"At this time, it is necessary to appease the child like a child." Bubble invented a great way to appease, when the bird put on clothes and began to be violent, immediately put it in his arms, while stroking the hair, pick up the bird food and feed it. Divert attention.

Parrot Clothes Diaper
After taking an hour, I took it off. At the same time, I took the bird food and put the bird in the cage.

After repeated several times, the bird understood: "I used to eat clothes, but I can go out to play! I can't eat without clothes, and I have to be confined!"

In a week, the reluctant birds will give up resistance in the face of food and freedom.