Today, I will give you a friend, Amway.
Cool but not bad street phone case

Thermally sensitive color mobile phone case

High temperature can change color?
Can it change color when the temperature is low? !
Are you sure that you are not teasing me?

What does discoloration mean?
It means you can have the following fancy play!
Lighter heating discoloration

Of course, it can not only be discolored by heat
There is also a cold play method for sisters.
Like this -



When you face the goddess of your favorite
Suddenly making a little surprise
Is it cool and romantic!

For example, you can quickly hand over a mobile phone in the crowd.
Sister look
I know something on the shell.
Maybe you will be moved by your fascinating action!
Since then you have got a new skill
Fancy sister
Don't rely on glare
Mobile phone case only

more importantly
In the past, you have to buy a bunch of mobile phone cases.
Can not be re-sampled every day
And now
You only need this one phone case
Mom no longer has to worry that I always change the phone case.