Hair Growth Shampoo for Anti Hair Loss Complex

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Detail of the products:

The hair-increasing fiber is made of natural grass cotton fiber. After use, it can be integrated with its own hair. It can modify the parts of rare and soft hair to produce a dense visual effect. The natural grass cotton fiber has the characteristics of skin-friendly and breathable, mild and non-irritating to the skin. No burden to your hair and no harm.

When using, just sprinkle the hair-increasing fiber in the thinning part of the hair, gently comb, and complete the whole "hair" process within 30 seconds. The hair-increasing fiber produces an electrostatic effect after being sprinkled and combed, and is quickly wrapped around the hair, imitating the hair that grows again, making the hair thick and rich, and the overall feeling is natural and flawless, even if it is close to the eye, it is not easy to find it. Subtle effects make you feel at ease.

Once the hair-increasing fiber is used, it is not easy to make it fall off by gently dialing, combing hair or even blowing the wind. Even if it is sweaty, it will not be affected, but it can be thoroughly washed with shampoo. If the clothes are stained with fiber, just remove them with a light hand and never smudge the collars, so you can enjoy the charm without any worries.

For men and women with thin hair, when the hair is completely dried, spread the hair powder of Su Mei's hair gently and evenly on the thin part of the hair, gently slap the hair with your hand, let it spread completely and then organize it regularly. The hair style can be used, and the matching water is better at the same time.

1. When used, the hair must be dry.
2. Open the jar and place it at 7.5 to 15 cm above the head. Align the area to be used and gently shake the Toppik to allow the fibers to slip onto the hair. Then tap it by hand to help it spread out.
3. If it is used near the forehead hairline, use the thumb and index finger to prevent the fiber from falling to the eyes or face.
4. If you can't see the middle and rear hair, you can use the other hand and take a small mirror to adjust the position in front of a large mirror. After getting used to it, you can use Toppik very skillfully without a mirror.
5, finally use a comb to organize the hair. You can see Toppik in 30 seconds.
6, use the cover tightly, avoid storage in the wet place
7, it is not afraid of strong winds and rain, but can be easily removed, as long as you can wash with ordinary shampoo.