Handmade Pet Parrot Clothes Diaper

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People who don't keep birds will never know how much pain they have to shovel the birds' dozens of times a day.

Even a pet bird can't be kept in a cage for a long time, otherwise, it will be depressed and hunger strike.

But if it is free-range, the frequency of excretion is pulled every 20-30 minutes, maybe your house will be captured by the bird when you go to the office.

"My bird doesn't love to wear, what should I do?"

The reason why the bird rejects the diaper is that this thing does not belong to it, it is a foreign object. For a creature that hasn't worn clothes since birth, it's quite bound to wrap a piece of cloth on your body.

"However, the bird's habits can also be cultivated. The younger the bird, the higher the acceptance of the diaper."

If it is a bird that has just been born, it may be adapted after a maximum of 2 passes. When you meet older birds, they will be angry, violent, and roll on the ground to show dissatisfaction.

"At this time, it is necessary to appease the child like a child." Bubble invented a great way to appease, when the bird put on clothes and began to be violent, immediately put it in his arms, while stroking the hair , pick up the bird food and feed it. Divert attention.

After taking an hour, I took it off. At the same time, I took the bird food and put the bird in the cage.

After repeated several times, the bird understood: "I used to eat clothes, but I can go out to play! I can't eat without clothes, and I have to be confined!"

In a week, the reluctant birds will give up resistance in the face of food and freedom.


Name:  Bird Clothes Diaper

Package:  1 pcs

Size:  S , For birds like:Cockatiel ,Monk Parakeet,Sun Parakeet



1)We offer the clothes as per the standard size ,it may not fit every parrot perfectly!

2)And it will cost around 5-7 working days to send out as it's all hand-made.

3)other sizes of parrots could be customized, Pls contact with me if there's any demand