Bath salt bubble essential oil ball sleeve box

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Detail of the products:

Product composition, efficacy introduction:

Sea salt has a sweating effect, which can remove excess water from the body, promote skin metabolism, and effectively eliminate body waste.

Plus coarse salt can soften dirt, replenish body salts and minerals, so salting the body will not only make the skin delicate and delicate.

There is also a certain weight loss effect. Refined sea salt is rich in various trace elements such as iron, calcium, selenium and magnesium required by the human body.

Long-term use of bath salts can eliminate the melanin on the skin, allowing it to gradually restore whiteness, smoothness and elasticity, and also have a positive effect on removing facial acne, acne and pigmentation.

Main functions: sterilizing and relieving itching, whitening skin, passing through the vitality, warming and dispelling cold
▲ This product has excellent health care effects on rheumatism, frozen shoulder, neuralgia, skin diseases,
Gynecological diseases and traumatic sequelae have good physiotherapy effects.
▲ The bath powder is dissolved in water, and the active ingredients are uniformly distributed in water in the body.
When bathing, it soaks the entire body, thus protecting and beautifying the skin of the human body.
▲ This product has the function of killing aphids and fungi, reducing sebum secretion and relieving itching, and is used for athlete's foot.
Skin diseases such as acne and skin lice.
▲ When the concentration is low, it can effectively make the abnormal keratinized skin normal. Simultaneous reduction to sulfide, oxidation of the thiol (SH) of cellular proteins to disulfide is an extremely important step in the formation of keratin.
Leaves skin smooth and radiant
▲ The angle layer peeling effect at high concentration has the same effect of inhibiting or killing certain bacteria or molds after oxidation to sulfuric acid (H2S506).

What's in package:6pcs bat ball with different smells.